Friday, July 15, 2011

Lan's Asian Grill

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I was recently told Lan's had great pad thai so I headed there for an impromptu fix of one of my favourite dishes. It was almost 7 but there were only a few other diners. We were seated and decided what to order quickly as were very hungry.

We ordered a large size pad thai with chicken to share and four vegetarian salad rolls as well. We went with spice level one out of three. The food arrived and we dug in, quickly discovering the pad thai to be very spicy (I do have a low tolerance for spice). But the flavour was very good and we enjoyed it, despite the unexpected heat. The salad rolls were nice and fresh with peanut sauce on the side. I like my peanut sauce a little thicker and slightly more "peanuty".

Tom is a great host and I was pleased to see the restaurant fill up as we ate our meal. I will return again to explore the menu further.

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  1. I randomly wound up at Lan's a few days ago and agree with you wholeheartedly. What great eats.