Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer in the city.. farmers market bruschetta

Thanks to my sister for contributing to this post.

On a sunny Saturday morning, my sister and I headed to the Downtown Farmers Market to pick up some fresh veggies and fruit, including the ingredients for bruschetta.

The essential ingredients:
olive oil
baguette (we recommend baking fresh bread or picking a loaf up from a local bakery but in a pinch a grocery store baguette will do)

One of us thought grape tomatoes would be better and the other thought cocktail, so we got both. After collecting other goodies such as carrots, onions and a tasty coffee to fuel us for our cooking adventure, we walked back to my place.

We diced the tomatoes, keeping both kinds separate so we'd be able to compare the two varieties. After adding a small amount of olive oil to the bowls containing the tomatoes and finely chopped garlic and basil we heated the tomato mixture in a frying pan for just a bit. We prepared the baguette by slicing and buttering on one side and then toasting slightly in the oven. We then topped each piece with the tomatoes mixture.

We plated one kind first and tasted.. yum.. the first kind was very good. Very tasty. We proceeded to the second kind.. also very good. We both decided that the cocktail tomatoes worked the best. Bruschetta is a fairly simple and healthy snack and when all the ingredients are available locally it seems like a fantastic way to enjoy summer.

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