Monday, November 14, 2011

local - belonging to or relating to

Local local local, it really counts. Recently I filled my day with all things local.
We started the day off at Duchess Bakeshop ( for breakfast. I enjoyed the Quiche Lorraine which was highlighted by creamy gruyere and wonderful, flaky pastry. I also treated myself to the chocolate raspberry brioche. Also very yummy. My friend enjoyed her favourite, the hearty Cheddar Pepper scone.

It was busy and our seats were surely going to be snapped up as soon as we left, so we headed on our way. Next stop was to be a Local Designers sale being hosted by Red Pony Consignment on 101 street and Whyte Avenue. But approaching Treestone Bakery on 99th street I decided to stop to get some bagels. Sadly they were already sold out of what I was seeking (it wasn't even noon!) but I picked up a loaf of bread instead.

Arriving at the sale we were greeted by familiar faces and browsed through the selection of handmade clothing and jewelry. I knew what I was looking for and after trying it on happily purchased it from Bridget of Fridget Apparel ( Find her at the Royal Bison Craft Fair in 2 weeks or at another sale at Red Pony on December 10th and 11th.

After satisfying my need for a new piece of clothing we headed down Whyte Ave to see what else we could find - I was specifically hoping to find a miracle at Gravity Pope, but the highlight was turned out to be stumbling upon the new Greenwoods Bookstore space at 10309 Whyte Avenue ( After browsing, making a purchase and placing a special order we continued on our way.

The last stop on our journey was Churchill Square to check out the Olde Time Fair. My sister wanted to get poutine from Drift Food Truck and we couldn't resist the roasted chicken and butternut squash sandwich. After enjoying our lunch we warmed up with some cranberry apple cider from Molly's Eats and perused the Farmer's Market. I picked up some veggies and my friend got tips on how to knit mittens. Maybe she'll make me a pair (hint hint..)

Well after all our travels we were tuckered out and headed back to my place for a macaron and cup of tea.. and after a few hours of down time and a stop at Credo for a cappucinno, it was off to a girls night gathering with treats from Duchess, Queen of Tarts, and even Corso32.

What a lovely, local day I had. And yes, this is in Edmonton. Aaah, it's really happening here at home where I belong.

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