Saturday, March 19, 2011

Queen of Tarts.. now open!

Queen of Tarts opened somewhat quietly on Thursday, March 3. With several delays fans didn't know when the lovely new bakery and bistro would open. Well they are now open for business Tuesday to Saturday. I apologize, I am not aware of their hours, I believe they are opening at 10 or 11 in the morning until about 6 and staying open into the evening Thursday and Friday.

When you open the door you walk down the stairs past 29 Armstrong and are amazed by how much light fills the space. The white marble certainly helps to create a sense of royalty among us (many of the offerings are fit for a queen I'd say).

I must admit I am amazed at how much they are doing from the get-go. Not only do they have a generous assortment of cakes, tarts and other treats, as well as savoury items such as quiche and soup, they are also producing several types of pain levain bread.

I enjoyed take out quiche for lunch on opening day. It was delicious. The filling was creamy and the pastry so flaky, it almost seemed to be a puff pastry masquerading as a pie pastry. I also enjoyed a carrot tulip which is topped with an amazing cream cheese icing that is so good I could almost eat it by itself.

After getting sweet treats and even soup to go a few times, I finally got to sit down and enjoy the cafe space the other day. I decide to order the brownie and the Yorkshire tea. The brownie was decadent. I even offered a bite to my friend as it was so rich I felt I could spare some. The tea was good although steeped a bit to strong by the time I was able to take the tea bag out (perhaps I was too busy snapping photos on my phone or chattering to my companion).
They are still working out some kinks, such as where to order what,  and the sizes and prices of items. I suggest avoiding Saturday afternoons for now as I have heard it can quite busy and chaotic. I am sure  they will figure everything out soon. They already have some loyal followers - I count myself among them. What a lovely new addition the Edmonton food scene!

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