Monday, June 13, 2011

Battista's Calzones

On a chilly Saturday in June a friend and I headed from the downtown market to Battista's on 118th avenue. We walked into the brightly painted building which set the tone for the trip.

We took a quick look at the menu board:

I chose the Classico and my companion chose the Spicy Italian. Our calzones arrived shortly and the portion size was generous and accompanied with a side of tomato sauce. The first bite did not disappoint and was worth the wait (I have been wanting to get there for ages). The dough was tasty and surprisingly light - none of the greasiness I have experienced at other establishments. The flavours combined well and I was stuffed after finishing just half of my calzone. My friend also thoroughly enjoyed her calzone and had to pack up the other half as well - so really we could have shared but why not have some leftovers to enjoy later!

Battista is a phenomanelly warm host. He chatted with us for awhile and I felt like we were in his home. I definitely recommend making the trip to Battista's Calzones soon.

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  1. You captured the experience perfectly! It's one of my very favourite places to dine out.