Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prairie Bistro

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On a windy Sunday afternoon we headed out of town to a field in between Edmonton and St.Albert. We came upon the huge Enjoy Centre and made our way through the maze of shoppers to find the Prairie Bistro which was situated on one end of the huge, beautifully colourful space. The brunch menu was slightly different from what we had viewed online but sounded just as good.

We quickly ordered the fresh pastry starter which included 3 pastries; one mini apple cinnamon muffin, one croissant and one cheese and herb filled pastry. They didn't last long as we divided each one into a few tastes each.

We then ordered our entree selections; my mom ordered the eggs benedict, my sister the french toast with brie and berries, and I ordered the pork tenderloin with potatoes, greens and a bacon flan. When our food came we were not disappointed as we had our first bites.

When the pork tenderloin arrived my first thought was that it was a small portion. This idea however disappeared quickly as I realized the allusion created by the different components being stacked together. Some of the pork was placed on top of the bacon flan. The rest of the pork lay beside the potatoes and greens. Every flavour combined deliciously together. I was filling up quickly and with half left I offered to switch with my sister and try her french toast.

The french toast was crispy on the outside but pleasingly soft on the inside. The brie surprised me and combined well with with the sweet berries. I finished my piece and felt too full to get a coffee (they are using 49th Parallel) for the road. We are glad we caught brunch while we could, they are taking a break from it during the busy summer season as it is not possible to serve 300 people for lunch and 4000 in the cafeteria on the same day! All in all a lovely meal complete with friendly staff to boot.

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