Monday, February 21, 2011

another week of culinary exploration

This week I ate out more than my fair share. Such goes the life of a busy single gal like me. I got Blue Plate Diner take out on my lunch break the other day and enjoyed my favourite dish there- the mac and cheese with a side Mediterranean salad. 
presentation of mac and cheese when dining in
I also dined at Corso32 for the third time - and again enjoyed an amazing meal. My friends were unsure about the goat cheese ricotta crostini but we shared it between the three of us and they both loved it.
the amazing crostini (taken on my phone)

the bacon cinnamon bun cut into three 
Over the weekend I enjoyed brunch at Culina Highlands. First we shared one of the specials- a cinnamon bun with bacon. The salty sweet combo was great-  we were glad to split it three-ways as one to myself would have been too much! While my friends both chose the special- a strata, I went with the Ukrainian Breakfast, a cheddar caraway omlette with kubassa and perogies on the side.

I always enjoy brunch at Culina Highlands. Though the servers are busy they are easy going and attentive to fill your coffee mug and water (they leave a wine bottle full of water at your table and fill it as needed).  I will definitely be back! Where to next- I'm not sure but you'll find out soon!

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