Saturday, February 12, 2011

here and there..

I stopped in at The Sequel Cafe last week.  I love the rainbow magnets that cover the menu board. Great selection of homemade soups. Well priced. Unfortunately it's only open Monday to Friday, 8-4. But if you live, work or play nearby check it out in the National Bank Building right across from City Centre, Churchill Square and the downtown library.

Also made it to Crave Cupcakes on their opening day, February 4. Yummy creations. Too bad the Whyte Ave/ University area is becoming saturated with cupcake shops while most of the rest of the city has to travel so far their sugar craving may have gone away by the time they reach the destination!

I worked my last day at my office job yesterday and had my going away lunch at Bistro La Persaud. The service for our large group was slow but the food was awesome. I enjoyed an incredible Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich.

I am now truly pursuing my dreams of owning a cafe here in Edmonton. On Tuesday I start full time hours at Credo, a wonderful cafe on 104th street that I have been working at part time for three months now. The first time I walked into Credo I told Geoff I could imagine it being in Portland (where I lived for three years) and after tasting the latte he made me I said it could almost pass for Stumptown. I am thrilled to be part of the team at Credo. 

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  1. Congrats on this, your first day of making it real!! And love the blog my dear!! You inspire!