Saturday, February 12, 2011


My closest friends have been encouraging me to do this for awhile now. They ask me for advice on where to eat in Edmonton as I make it a priority to dine at local restaurants as often as possible. I made a list last year of restaurants I wanted to check and worked my way down the list. Some places I haven't been to yet, but there were additions of new places that have already become some of my favourite places that I return to often. The list kept reminding me to get out and try new places.. the thing is, when I find a favourite, I like to keep returning to it!

A short list of my favourite places in Edmonton to go for amazing food, coffee, or both:



Culina Highlands, Mill Creek and Muttart

Duchess Bakeshop

Elm Cafe


and now in 2011 I want to make it to The Marc as soon as possible!

..This blog is going to be a place I record my Edmonton and beyond discoveries. I started the year in Japan and my next trip will probably be to my second home, Portland. I am excited for the day Edmonton rivals Portland in its food and beverage offerings. I know we have it in us!


  1. I'm so excited!! Woot! U r finally starting it! I will do my best to spread it around! Ur pallet is already filled with exciting culinary adventures and advice...I'm thrilled to be able to share ur knowledge with others now through this blog! Time to make ur passion a success :) :)